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Questions abound around Twin Falls with regards to which restaurant is coming next. Chatter on who’s coming, who’s planning on coming next and where. Texas Roadhouse? Check. They opened on the north side of town just a few months ago. Red Lobster? No one can say for sure, but rumors are all over the map on if their planning to open here, when and where. While these are popular national chain restaurants, Twin Falls is proud of its local dining spots with good food. Those types of dining establishments and restaurants that you can only find locally. Those one-of-a-kind places truly make for the best restaurants near you in Twin Falls.

What Twin Falls can now boast about – rather than just another chain restaurant built to look like every other one in the country – is that the community is home to Idaho’s very first food hall restaurant – 2nd South Market.

This isn’t any ordinary place. 2nd South Market is a bustling 13,000 square foot food hall restaurant with open seating featuring six unique food vendors and a wine/beer bar in a fully repurposed 1926 building. Great for family and kids alike. If you’re looking for a “restaurant near me”, you’ll get six restaurants in one place. Open seven days a week, the vendor hours vary so customers are encouraged to check for specific hours.

The completely renovated 1926 building has been given new life with many elements from the original structure repurposed including windows, doors as well as nearly all of the accent wood throughout vendor spaces. Whenever possible, everything has been left in its natural state. The inside design truly pays homage to the history of the concrete building that replaced the first wood building erected in 1907.

The vendors are local small businesses, bringing their own popular fare and customers into 2nd South Market, all under one roof. Vendor ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible and 2nd South Market offers a wide variety of food options to please just about every taste. Featuring Texas-style BBQ, New York style pizzeria (pizza delivery within a four-mile radius), Mexican food, poke bowls/sushi/seafood, locally made ice cream and coffee, 2nd South Market brings Twin Falls it’s very first foray into a food hall restaurant.

The open space, adjustable seating concept is unlike a restaurant. Customers can move tables around to develop a larger seating space and add chairs as needed. 14,700 square feet of outdoor space in The Yard, offers plenty of additional seating, fire pits, corn hole, stage for music, ability to book private space for events, and is dog friendly.

Each of 2nd South Market’s seven vendor boast of their own special items. The Smoke Bone features Texas-style barbeque with brisket, ribs, pork, turkey and chicken, all cooked in an apple wood smoker for many hours. They offer a wide range of daily specials too including hamburgers, shrimp sandwiches and some Mexican food items. They are known, of course, for their delicious smoked meats and amazing corn bread. Numerous side dishes include deep-fried pickles, French fries, mac n cheese, sweet potato fries, potato salad, and coleslaw to name a few. They also serve breakfast Thursday- Sunday, 7-11 am.

Lucy’s New York Style Pizzeria picked 2nd South Market for their first location in southern Idaho. With locations in Eastern Idaho and one in Utah, Twin Falls needed a great pizza place for dine in as well as delivery. Lucy’s delivers pizza and has become one of the most popular pizza places in town. Locally sourced ingredients are used whenever possible, Italian sauce is homemade and their pizza dough is made with Idaho grain. Lucy’s provides a bit of entertainment to customers too. Customers can watch their custom pizza being made and cooked in front of them. Each order made with pizza dough will be thrown up in the air to ensure the best thinnest pizza crust. Everything is cooked in a 600-degree stone oven making for crisp delicious Italian pizza and calzone. Salads and other Italian food items are available. Kid size pizzas are a favorite for parents and children alike. Orders can be enjoyed on site or ordered to grab and go. Gluten free dough is also available upon request. The three brothers that own Lucy’s are often there throwing pizza dough and visiting with customers out on the floor.

CloverLeaf creamery is a hugely popular family-owned local business with a serious customer following. Since 2007, CloverLeaf has been selling their super creamy ice cream out of their original location in a nearby Buhl. Now with their first established location in Twin Falls, local customers are pleased to grab an ice cream or jugs of fresh milk in town. All of their dairy products including milk and half & half, come from all-natural well-cared-for grass fed registered local Holstein cattle.

They offer all 24 ice cream flavors at 2nd South Market, on a cone or in a cup as well as their popular milk shakes. Milk and half & half can also be purchased here.

CloverLeaf is popular beyond the Twin Falls and Buhl. Their products are sold throughout the state in select grocery and food locations. Popular throughout the state for their super-creamy homemade ice cream – 24 flavors.

A husband/wife team started their first Full Steam Espresso location – a drive thru a few miles from 2nd South Market – in 2019. Their 2nd South Market location is their second. Offering a wide range of hand-crafted coffees and espressos, Full Steam Espresso baristas are trained using an internationally recognized program of knowledge and coffee-making.

This larger food hall location has allowed them to offer a greater offering of made-on-site breakfast items including crepes, pancakes and bagels. In addition, they offer a wide range of teas, Italian soda, tea/lemonade, smoothies and energy drinks.

2nd South Market is the first location for Poke & Sushi Hut. Fresh seafood in the basis for their popular sushi rolls and poke bowl, made to order. Sushi rolls are also available ready to grab and go. Not sure what to order? The staff are wonderful in interacting with customers and educating them on the best item to fit their palate.

Rosti Express Mexican Food is known for their moist rotisserie chicken meals and dishes. They have a unique twist on enchiladas – made with a crispy shell – and their signature Idaho Taco are popular items. Shrimp, chicken, beef and pork are available in nearly every menu item. A delicious breakfast burrito is available all day along as well as street tacos and taco salad.

Local craft brews and wine is available at The TapHouse bar. Local and Idaho-made beers are poured from 25 taps with new ones tried and added as customers prefer. Also offered are delicious appetizers include a popular cheese-filled pretzel with beer sauce.

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Albina Konovalova
Nov 08, 2022

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