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The vision to develop Idaho’s first food hall in Twin Falls started in 2017 when owners Dave and Lisa Buddecke experienced this unique concept for the first time while in Denver. When the vacant former Salvation Army building was listed for sale in 2019, the building and outdoor space offered the ideal opportunity to make this food hall vision a reality. Working with local contractor Creative Carpentry, it was time to investigate the building.

Climbing up into the upper floor to peek above the 10-foot low white ceiling, the amazing discovery of the building’s bones was just beginning. Covered for several decades were the original elements of the 1926 building: high vaulted 22 and 25 foot wood ceilings, windows along the top of the ceilings, an old Krengel Hardware sign, and windows/doors along 2nd Avenue South. Renovation revealed more treasures: buried horseshoes, blacksmith tools, and a hidden underground storage space holding whiskey bottles from Prohibition. 


After visiting 11 food halls around the country, meeting with food hall owners and taking in a plethora of ideas, 2nd South Market was renovated and designed to pay homage to the building’s Krengel Machine Company and Hardware history. The focus was to bring in already-popular local vendors offering a variety of food types. The owners collaborated with each of the seven vendors and Creative Carpentry to bring this novel food hall concept to Twin Falls. This has been an exciting and rewarding undertaking!

We hope you will enjoy learning about the building’s history while enjoying the fresh food offerings of our local vendors. Welcome to 2nd South Market!

Krengel Auto Wash 1907.jpg

Early 1900s

Krengel Machine Company’s steam tractor repair yard. The chimney remains today.

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