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Perfect for a Business Lunch

In Twin Falls, it’s often a challenge to find the ideal spot for a business lunch, space for a business meeting or just a fun space to meet up with friends. Everyone in the group likely has food preferences so you have to consider does the Twin Falls restaurant offer a variety of food choices? Are you looking for a casual business lunch place? A place where you can get food quickly without it being chain fast-food? Looking for a small quiet place to eat? Can the place accommodate a small company party indoors or large corporate event outdoors? Does the restaurant near me offer an indoor and outdoor dining option? Does the location offer a cool atmosphere?

Whatever the case, there’s only one restaurant location in Twin Falls that can accommodate almost any business lunch or event requirement – 2nd South Market. 2nd South Market is located in historic downtown Twin Falls’ Warehouse District and is Idaho’s very first food hall offering seven local vendors under one roof.

With diners eating out on average 2-4 times weekly, 64% are looking for somewhere new to dine.* A food court/food market like 2nd South Market - that offers locally sourced food in a cool environment, indoors and outdoors. 2nd South Market is a great place to try something new at any of its seven locally-based vendors: The Smokey Bone BBQ, Lucy’s NY Style Pizzeria, Poke & Sushi Hut, Fuji Express, CloverLeaf Creamery, Full Steam Espresso and TapHouse Bar. All food is prepared fresh to order.

Food Hall vs Food Court

Unlike a food court in a mall that offers industrial fast-food options, a food hall is typically a sprawling space or market with a variety of local food vendors in a single space. There are many food vendors and different types of cuisine available in a food hall that is a huge appeal to customers craving an artisanal food dining experience.

By accessing an assortment of food types under one roof, it’s convenient for every diner to select the food of their choice. If someone wants BBQ, and someone else wants pizza or Asian food for example, every taste is met.

Food halls also offer an atmosphere that food courts cannot match in a shopping mall. Food halls, like 2nd South Market, are often found in remodeled warehouses or other historic buildings that highlight local fresh food vendors. In these spaces, a vibrant fun atmosphere is the general ambience of any food hall.

Prices are reasonable and customers buss their own tables (hopefully!). And for many customers, the uniqueness of a food hall offers a new dining experience. It’s novel in its food offering, novel in its local cuisine option, and novel in its atmosphere.

Putting all of these aspects together, a food hall is no where near a food court. Mention to any food hall owner that their place is like a “food court”, you’ll surely see them cringe.

Idaho’s First Food Hall

Housed in a former 1926 blacksmith, boilermaker machining building that has been completely refurbished, 2nd South Market is the first established food hall in Idaho. The owners of 2nd South Market, Dave and Lisa Buddecke, have been residents of Twin Falls, Idaho since 1994. After their first food hall experience in 2016 while vacationing in Denver, their vision was to bring this unique dining and meeting space to their community. Having found no food hall in Idaho, the incentive to put the state’s first and original food hall in Twin Falls was even stronger.

The ideal location – a closed Salvation Army building with large indoor and outdoor space on a single level in Twin Falls’ Historic Warehouse District – went up for sale. The process of learning about the building and its structure soon began when renovation kicked-off.

Walking into 2nd South Market today, customers will see how an old 1926 Kringle Machine Company building has been completely refurbished. Original 22- and 24-foot high vaulted wood ceilings and windows along the roof edge have been uncovered. The large open-seating concept inside allows for guests to move tables and chairs around to accommodate any size group. The even larger outdoor space, The Yard, offers additional seating, special events, cornhole games and stage for live music.

2nd South Market vendors include The Smokey Bone BBQ, Lucy’s NY Style Pizzeria, Poke & Sushi Hut, Fuji Express, CloverLeaf Creamery, Full Steam Espresso and TapHouse Bar. All food is prepared fresh to order.

2nd South Market has become a popular spot for business lunch meetings, a place where anyone can reserve a small private space for meetings or events, and a large outdoor space for corporate events or casual business meetings.

Searching for a restaurant near me that offers pizza, pizza-by-the-slice or pizza delivery? Great BBQ, sushi, Japanese/Chinese cuisine, coffee, ice cream and a bar? Look no further than 2nd South Market.

*How Diner's Choose Restaurants [Restaurant Insights Report]

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