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Let's Talk Pizza!

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

No matter the season, pizza is always a favorite menu item around the country. For decades, the choice of Twin Falls pizza has been limited to a place or two. In addition, whenever anyone wanted pizza delivery in Twin Falls, it was only from a pizza chain delivering pizza made in mass as a fast-food item. Looking to walk into a local pizza place for a slice of pizza in Twin Falls? Not available. A slice of fresh pizza was nowhere to be had. Searching for a restaurant near me that offered dine in pizza, a slice of pizza or pizza delivery? Not happening. At least until now.

Thankfully, as of 2021, homemade pizza, pizza delivery and a slice of pizza in Twin Falls from a non-chain restaurant is finally available.

2nd South Market, Idaho’s first food hall, opened in Twin Falls in January 2021. Featuring six food vendors and a beer/wine bar under one roof in a fully-refurbished 1926 building, 2nd South Market is the only location in Idaho that offers a true food hall concept. Vendors are local and offer fresh made-to-order meals that are far from industrial. There’s BBQ, Mexican food, sushi, pizza/Italian, coffee, ice cream and a beer/wine bar.

The owners of 2nd South Market set a goal: provide a unique casual and comfortable environment that offers several unique Twin Falls food restaurants in one place. One key focus was to offer one space to a homemade pizza vendor that would offer everything: dine in pizza, pizza by the slice and pizza delivery. For decades, when searching for pizza near me, one was to find a fast food pizza place, none offering dine-in. The very popular Lucy’s New York Style Pizzeria in Idaho Falls was confirmed to join 2nd South Market. From Idaho Falls to Twin Falls, Lucy’s makes hand-thrown think pizza crust cooked in a 600-degree stone ovens to make some of the best pizza in Twin Falls.

Lucy’s had been considering expanding beyond eastern Idaho, looking at southern Idaho or Boise. Building their first operation out of Idaho Falls to Twin Falls was settled once Lucy’s owners visited the still-under-construction 2ndSouth Market food hall.

2nd South Market offered an ideal opportunity to get on the ground floor of the state’s first food hall concept. Not only would Twin Falls residents have a new “restaurant near me”, but there would be six unique restaurants in one location. Lucy’s was also an ideal addition to 2nd South Market because, finally, you could enjoy a slice of pizza any time. You could select a slice of pizza from several options and either enjoy that slice of pizza dining in or take it to go.

Lucy’s is the most popular true dine-in pizza location in Twin Falls. 2nd South Market customers can sit inside or outside in The Yard to enjoy their custom-made pizza or slice of pizza. In addition, Lucy has become one of the most popular pizza delivery options in Twin Falls. Homemade custom-made New York Style pizza can be delivered fresh to your door is you live within a seven-mile radius of Lucy’s. Delivery of all their menu items including calzones and salads are also available. From Idaho Falls to Twin Falls, Lucy’s Pizzeria offers an outstanding pizza delivery or dine-in option.

But Lucy’s offers more than hand-thrown pizza dough topped with freshly made red sauce topped and your favorite toppings then cooked in a 600-degree oven for dine-in or take-out pizza. Lucy’s dessert pizzas are truly amazing! They start with fresh hand-tossed pizza dough then add a base of cheesecake filling. Then the magic happens. Pick from a variety of candy bar pieces – Reeses Pieces, Milky Way, .. They’ll space your candy choice around the creamy cheesecake filling then cook it for a few minutes in their super-hot stone oven until the crust us crispy and the dessert filling is hot and melted. This is a Twin Falls pizza you DO NOT want to pass up! Kids and adults alike will enjoy this fabulous desert pizza.

Inside 2nd South Market, Lucy’s Pizzeria is right across from The TapHouse, a beer/wine bar that pours a variety of brewed beers, many from breweries in Idaho and local breweries. What a better way to enjoy a homemade pizza pie or slice of pizza in Twin Falls than at Lucy’s Pizzeria where you can order a cold brew at The TapHouse just a few feet away? The TapHouse is also a great spot for happy hour in Twin Falls with specials every weekday.

2nd South Market in Twin Falls is the only place in Idaho that offers the variety of food options all in one space.

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